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Mariel Margaret Hamm as the best female football player in the world

If Pele is known as the football king, Mia Hamm is the queen of this sport. Hamm was born in 1972 along with the time when Article IX of the United States came into effect. This was a law prohibiting sex discrimination in education opened up opportunities to pursue sports for women.

Hamm was the youngest member of the national football team in history. Hamm’s team won the 1991 and 1999 World Cups. She and won gold at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and Goodwill Games 1998. After helping the team win the 2004 Summer Olympic gold medal in Greece, Hamm said. goodbye to football.

After 17 years of playing for the team, Hamm is considered the best female football player in history and has won countless noble titles. For example, Hamm was awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year for the best in the world in 2001 and 2002. In 2004, Hamm and teammate Michelle Akers were elected to the list of 125 contemporary best footballers by FIFA, this list only two female players and also two American players were voted.

The success and fame of Hamm has inspired thousands of young girls to pursue sports, especially soccer.

Goodwill Games is an international sporting event founded by Ted Turner in response to the political issues related to the 1980s games. Goodwill Games was first held in Moscow-Russia in year 1986, including 182 competitions attracting more than 3,000 athletes from 79 countries.


Name: Mariel Margaret Hamm

Born March 17, 1972 in Selma Alabama – United States


Gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta

2 World Cup championships: 1991, 1999

Scored 149 goals at the top of the international arena from 1990 -2003

Best player in American football: 1994, 1995, 1996

Player of the women’s football federation in 2001

Retired in 2004.

The journey to affirm women’s rights of famous women in sports (Part 3)

After retiring from the football field in 2015, Abby devoted all his time to campaigning and encouraging people to fight for sports equality, namely raising the voices of the female athletes.

She once said that the injustice not only stopped at the amount of money that she and her female colleagues received, but also was a huge obstacle in finding opportunities for herself.


As one of the first women to contribute weightlifting .the 1981 International Olympic Committee, Flor Isava-Fonseca worked tirelessly to uphold the power of women in the world of sports every day. Experiencing many difficulties and sexism, this female athlete excelled in the IOC Executive Committee (International Olympic Committee) in 1990.

Sharing the first time on the committee Onions, she said that almost no one would listen to her. There were 11 of them all and none of them felt like hearing her opinion. But after all, people gradually have a more sympathetic and positive view with their female colleagues and just like that, Flor step by step “turned around” for women.


In 2007, Khalida Popal became the face of women’s football in Afghanistan as the first captain of the national football team. For her, becoming an athlete is a way for herself to have the opportunity to speak up to protect the rights of women.

After many years living in her hometown with an unsafe social background, she decided to move with her family to Denmark and continue to devote herself to sports. She herself once said, in Afghanistan, women are always mistreated and are not considered human.

Football helps her realize that women can protect each other and everyone has the right to live and work in the most equal way. She wants to convey this meaningful message to all women at home so they can be brave and more confident in the face of difficulties in life.

The amazing achievements of female tennis player Sharapova (Part 1)

Retiring from her career at the age of 32, but with Maria Sharapova, tennis is just like a mountain peak and it’s time for her to conquer new goals.

To understand why the number one former tennis player in the world retired, we need to find out what makes her unbearable.

The pain has been a companion for Sharapova for two years, one of the iconic athletes of the 21st century. Completing the ban on competition for doping in 2016, the Russian tennis player She was unable to return to the peak of her career, the period she used to take to the Grand Slam.

Since then, Sharapova has continued to face and endure recurrent pains in her right shoulder, tensing the muscles in her arms, sometimes making it almost impossible for her to hold the racket. But not so that Sharapova faltered. On the contrary, she persevered more and called it a great tool to help her overcome the crisis of recurrence of injury and revitalizing her career.

Masha was suspended in 2016 for using meldonium, a new banned drug, which is used to treat cardiovascular patients. Sharapova explained that she used it for years because of a family history of diabetes and dizziness due to magnesium deficiency.

She confirmed that she did not know that meldonium has been added to the list of banned substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA. The arbitral tribunal later stated that Sharapova should not be considered “intentional fraud”, and the banning period was reduced from two years to 15 months.

In early March 2019, Sharapova confirmed a minor shoulder surgery and announced a few weeks’ break. But pushing the limit of tolerance only made her suffer more. The return of the “Russian Doll” lasted only two seasons and ended with a defeat in the first round of the Australian Open 2020 against Donna Vekic in January.

During the flight from Australia back home in Los Angeles, Sharapova felt one thing clearly, it was time to say goodbye to his career. Kobe Bryant’s helicopter accident on January 26 made it even more obvious. They had planned to meet, but the tragic accident happened.

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