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Top 3 most impressive female athletes in 2019

It can be said that they are examples of extraordinary energy, ambition and a symbol of a female model in a new era.

Join us in honoring the women who have made impressive achievements over the past year.

1. Simone Biles

Despite experiencing terrible times in the past that have been sexually abused. She bravely stood up and told the truth to the public. Seven months ago Simone Biles allegedly abused sexually assaulted by former US gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

Over the past year, Simone Biles has become the greatest gymnast in the world and has become a symbol of resilience and enduring spirit. Taking a break two years after the Rio 2016 tournament, the Olympic champion immediately added to his medal collection on his return – with all the gold medals at the US Classics tournament thanks to the highest score being the record at this tournament.

She then took first place in two days of playing at the US National Championships impressively. Biles often wears a teal-colored head as a symbol for survivors of sexual abuse. She is not just a message about sports.

At the World Championship, an extremely resilient, never-giving Biles was admired. Before the day of competition, she was hospitalized because of stomach pain due to kidney stones. However, upon discharge, she won 6 consecutive medals with 4 gold medals.

2. Dina Asher-Smith

An athlete born in 1995 in Northern Ireland. She climbed to the top of her career glory when she won the Gold Medal at a distance of 100m at the 2014 World Youth Championship.

At the General Prosperity Games at the Gold Coast, she won a bronze medal in the dramatic 200m event. Defeat Jamaica’s dual Olympic champion, Elaine Thompson.

And in the European Championships in Berlin, and Asher-Smith’s dominance in sprint fields is indisputable. The 23-year-old won three gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay events with a world-leading running record and was named the European athlete of the year.

3. Lindsey Vonn

Considered the most famous American face in the Winter Olympics. However, in February, she only achieved a disappointing result in downhill skiing with a bronze medal at the World Championships in the Alps (Sweden).

The former Olympic and world champion has retired from his career with a record winning 82 World Cup races. At the age of 34, Vonn is not only a record-breaker, she also left a massive legacy.

In 2010, Vonn received the Laureus Sportswoman of the Year Award and was an athlete of the US Olympic Committee for the year. Injury causes Vonn to miss parts of a number of competitive seasons, including nearly all of the 2014 and most of the 2013 seasons.

While recovering from her injury, she worked as a reporter for NBC News about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Top 10 highest-paid female soccer players in the world (Part 2)

5. Nicole Banecki

Country: Germany

Income: 90,000 USD / season

At No. 5 on our list of the 10 highest earning female soccer players, we have Nicole Banecki. Nicole was born on September 3, 1988 and is now considered one of the greatest female football players of all time. Nicole is currently playing in the Basel Bayer 04 Leverkusen club season.

However, she won the most compliments during her time playing with SC Freiburg women’s club from 2014 to 2017. Nicole Banecki made her first international appearance for the German national team on March 7, 2008 in the match against Finland.

4. Heather Mitts

  • Country:America
  • Income: 150,000 USD / season

At number 4 on our list of the 10 highest-earning female soccer players, we have Heather Mitts. American football star, Heather Mitts Feeley, has received praise for being one of the best defenders in her heyday.

Heather Mitts has competed professionally in the women’s football tournament in the colors of teams such as Philadelphia Charge, Boston Breakers, Philadelphia Independence and Atlanta Beat. She has had a dream career when she won 3 Olympic gold medals and is also an indispensable member of the US national football team.

3. Abby Wambach

  • Income: 200,000 USD / season

At 3rd place in the list of the 10 highest-earning female football players, we have Abby Wambach. She has won 2 Olympic gold medals and is the player who scored the most goals at the Women’s World Cup in 2012. And with those feats, she still holds the position of One of the most famous female soccer players of all time.

Abby Wambach also holds the world record for international goals with a whopping 184 goals. In addition, she also became the first American woman to win the world’s best player award after 10 years at the 2012 FIFA Football Awards.

2. Marta Vieira da Silva

  • Country: Brazil
  • Income: USD 400,000 / season

At No. 2 on the list of the 10 highest-paid female football players, we have Marta Vieira da Silva. Marta was born on February 19, 1986. She started her playing career as a striker for the Rosengard Club in Sweden from 2014 to 2017.

Like Wambach, Marta is the best striker in the national team history, having scored 92 goals in 95 matches for the Brazilian women’s team. Marta currently holds a record 5 times to win the best female player in the world.

1. Alex Morgan

  • Country: America
  • Income: 450,000 USD / season

At number 1 on the list of the 10 highest-earning female football players, we have Alex Morgan. Football is one of the most popular sports in the US and Morgan is also one of the most popular female players here. Alexandra Patricia Morgan Carrasco currently plays for Orlando Pride Club and the US national women’s football team as a striker. She won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and most recently won the US team at the Women World Cup in 2015.

Top 10 highest-paid female soccer players in the world (Part 1)

The influence of football today has crossed the boundaries between nations and nations. Football is no longer a sport for men only now children or women can participate in this subject.

Let’s take a look back at the top 10 talented female footballers with the highest income in international women’s football tournaments.

10. Laure Boulleau

  • Country: France
  • Income: USD 60,000 / season

At number 10 on our list of the 10 highest-earning female football players, we have Laure Boulleau. Laure Pascale Claire Boulleau was born on October 22, 1986. She is a football player from France, currently playing for the Paris Saint-Germain club at the French women’s football championship since 2005.

Boulleau acts as a defender and she is also a highly regarded player of the French women’s football team. She earned her place in the star squad of the 2013 UEFA Women Championship.

9. Jonelle Filigno

  • Country: Canada
  • Income: USD 60,000 / season

At number 9 on our list of the 10 highest-earning female soccer players, we have Jonelle Filigno. She was known after scoring her first professional goal in a 3-3 draw with Washington Spirit on May 21, 2014. Canadian football star, Filigno, had his last season playing football at Sky Blue FC in the 2014-15 season.

Filigno made her debut in 2008 when she was 17 years old. She played for the Canadian team at the 2008 Olympics as well as the 2011 Women’s World Cup. After appearing at the 2015 World Cup, she officially announced her retirement in 2017.

8. Hope Solo

  • Country: America
  • Income: 65,000 USD / season

At number 8 on our list of the 10 highest-earning female soccer players, we have Hope Solo. She began her playing career on the team at the University of Washington. Hope then played professionally for the Philadelphia Charge football team in the Women’s Football Association.

Dubbed the hottest female soccer player, Hope Solo competed for his last season in the Seattle Reign squad in the National Women’s Soccer League, the top league in women’s football in the United States. The winner of two Olympic gold medals, Hope Solo, currently holds the record for the cleanest sheets among American female players.

7. Nilla Fischer

  • Country: Sweden
  • Income: USD 67,500 / season

She was the captain of Malmo FF Club (Sweden) and currently, Nilla Fischer plays for Wolfsburg Club (Germany) and Sweden national team. In the 2013-2014 season, Fischer brought VFL Wolfsburg to the Champions League in European Women’s Football and the Bundesliga.

6. Amandine Henry

  • Country: France
  • Income: USD 70,000 / season

At No. 6 on our list of the 10 highest-earning female soccer players, we have Amandine Henry. She was awarded the Silver Ball award for leading the French team to the quarter-finals of the Women World Cup in 2015.

One of the most-watched female athletes on Instagram, Amandine Henry, recently signed a contract with French club Olympique Lyon. In addition, Henry was also considered one of the best players in Europe in 2015.

2 greatest female players of all time

The world football village not only recognizes outstanding male players, but this king of sport also honors outstanding female players.

Here, we will introduce to you the top 2 greatest female players of all time in the history of world football.

1. Marta (Brazil)

Marta Vieira da Silva was born in 1986, is considered the No.1 legend of the world women’s football village. She is mentioned with many different nicknames such as football queen, “Pele wears a skirt”, “the best player in the world”…

Known for excellent ball-handling skills, ability to observe, dribble, and scored. Marta is the owner of FIFA player of the year 5 times in a row in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

She also won the Golden Ball at the U19 Women’s World Cup in 2004. She and the Brazil team won the Silver Medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics, 2008. Marta currently holds the record for most World Cup goals with 15 goals, surpassing Birgit Prinz’s previous record of 14 scores.

2. Mia Hamm (USA)

Mia Hamm was born in 1972, she is considered a legend, a symbol of American football. Mia Hamm is the inspiration for the dream of many girls around the world who bring gender equality in football. With 158 goals in 275 appearances for the national team, Mia Hamm is hailed by American men as the greatest striker of all time in the United States.

American football fans in the US and around the world know Mia Hamm for their aggressive style, not afraid of disputes. Her appearance is always a danger to any defense and goalkeeper of any team.

Mia Hamm has twice become the best female player in the world (2001 and 2002) and was chosen by the football king Pele as one of the 125 greatest players in the world of all time. Mia Hamm officially suspended her shoes and closed her illustrious career in 2004.

5 most beautiful female athletes in the world you should know

This is the Top 5 most beautiful female athletes in the world. They are not only talented, the pride of the club, the country they play in but also because of the beauty that is not inferior to any beauty.

Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight was born in 1989 in California, USA. She is a legend of hockey and was chosen by the city to choose May 19 as her own “Hilary Knight Day” because of her dedication to hockey. With a very beautiful face and her talent, she is very expensive with invitations to take photos.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons was born in 1990 in New South Wales, Australia, as the country’s windsurfing. At 14, she was the youngest champion to win the U21 surfing championship. In 2008 and 2011, Sally won the women’s surfing world championship and the world runner-up runner-up. Along with her talent, she is also known as the sexiest female surfing athlete in the world with a sexy body, shiny blonde hair that fascinates men.

Leryn Franco

Leryn Francolos is the queen of Paraguay. She gained a lot of achievements as a young South American athletics champion in 1998, 2001, 2004. After that, her name got even better when in 2006 she has crowned Miss Universe of Paraguay and went to Miss World Competition that same year. Possessing a bright face and a muscular body, she is often invited to take photos in commercials and film roles.

Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins was born in 1990 in Indiana, United States. She is a female basketball player and used to record the most points for the Notre Dame University basketball team. Skylar was voted “Miss Basketball” in 2009. With her strong body, sexy, seductive brown skin always attracts every look whenever she appears anywhere. In addition, the beauty is currently a Nike model and a guest on ESPN.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova was born in 1987 in Russia but soon moved with her family to the United States. She used to be the world’s No. 1 female tennis player according to the WTA rankings. Up to now, the only Russian athlete has won all 5 Grand Slam titles. Sharapova has been nicknamed “Russian Doll” by fans for her beautiful appearance. Beauty is also the female athlete making money the best in the world.

Top 3 most beautiful female athletes on the planet

Sporteology has just published a list of the 10 most beautiful female athletes on the planet. The names on the list make others admire their beauty and talent. This is the clearest proof of talented people’s integrity.

Here are only the 3 names in the top 10 most beautiful female athletes.

Sydney player Leroux (USA)

Sydney Leroux was born in 1990, and currently works for Western New York Flash Club as well as the US national women’s team. Sydney Leroux is particularly not only known for her great ability to score goals like a true killer on the pitch, she is also a shining rose with healthy brown skin and deadly glamor. enchanted person.

In 2013, the 27-year-old took less than 9 minutes to set up a hat-trick against Mexico, greatly contributing to the 7-0 victory for the US team. Leroux is currently in the top 10 of the highest-paid female soccer players in the world, with a salary of about $ 92,500/year.

Maria Kirilenko (Russia)

Maria Kirilenko, whose full name is Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko, was born on January 25, 1987 in Moscow, Russia. Maria Kirilenko gained a reputation very early thanks to the young tournament, especially the US Open championship for teenagers. Possessing a desirable height of 1m73 with a pretty standard 3-ring measurement, Maria Kirilenko also has a left hand job as a model.

Maria Kirilenko is always mentioned as a talented tennis player of birch land possessing a beautiful face along with extremely hot curves. Not only that, her performance on the field is not inferior either.

Blair O’Neal (USA)

Over 30 years old, Blair O’Neal has always been one of the brightest beauties on the golf course as well as on the covers of magazines and catwalks. Born and raised in Illinois, O’Neal has known golf since the age of 11. While studying at the University of Arizona, she was not only famous for studying well, she also played very talented golf with 4 times to win the best title of the school as well as won 2 golf prizes for universities across the United States.

After graduating from the University of Communications, O’Neal officially joined the professional golf village in 2004 and won 9 titles. With a pretty face, blonde hair and a sexy body, the beautiful girl with a dream height of 1.78 m soon became a familiar advertising face for many magazines, websites across the US and lots of countries in Asia. In 2008, she was listed in the list of “50 Sexiest Players of All Time” by Sports Illustrated magazine and has also been listed among the 4 sexiest female athletes.

Marta – a legendary female with a salary equal to only 0.3% of Neymar

The Brazilian striker made a message of gender equality after setting the record for the 17th goal in the 2019 World Cup.

Marta – a six-time FIFA player of excellence – walked to this year’s women’s soccer World Cup with shoes without a sponsor logo. She wants to fight for the income and investment disparity between men and women football. Like Marta, many experts try to explain why the best female player in the world is only paid 380,000 USD per year, equal to 0.3% of the salary of fellow football star – Neymar.

The remuneration between men and women football is more clearly pointed out in France Football’s statistics in early June 2019. The total salary of the five highest paid female players in the world is about $ 2 million, less than one-tenth of the fifth highest paid male player – Gareth Bale ($ 45 million).

Ada Hegerberg – the best female player of 2018 – received the highest salary, with $ 450,000 per season, 325 times less than Lionel Messi. On a monthly basis, the salary of the striker currently playing for Lyon is 37,000 USD, while Messi receives 12 million USD. Hegerberg’s compensation is even lower than the average salary of male players playing in the Brazilian championship ($ 650,000 per season).

Hegerberg also refused to play for Norway for the past two years, claiming that the Football Association of this country treated unfairly young women players.

The common explanation for the income gap between male and female football is profit. Women’s matches are much less profitable than men’s football, making them less invested than their male counterparts. But, economics professors do not accept that explanation, because it is contrary to the relationship between supply and demand in economics. They think that a female player will help women’s football to develop, if they have adequate income.

Professor Almeida also said that women are not qualified to achieve the results as men, not only in sports but also in life. Women who want to speak out about male inequality need to be more successful than men.

40 years ago, Brazil had a public football player. In 1979, a law banning women from playing football was lifted in South America’s largest country, but its repercussions are still today. Women’s football has no background and a response from the masses.

Female riders once dropped out of Harvard to pursue speed passion

At the age of 18, Richard Mille’s newest member, Aurora Straus, reserved a school year to attend the Pirelli World Challenge and achieve impressive results.

Aurora Straus grew up in New England (USA). Besides being a student and a musician, she is also known as the only professional teenage female driver in North America.

The blonde-haired girl recounted that, as a child, it was very hard to ride on the slippery road due to the snow and ice every winter. So at the age of 13, Aurora Straus’ father taught him basic defensive driving skills.

Showing a gift for speed sports, Aurora Straus quickly mastered the car. She began attending professional tournaments for her age. Aurora came first in the 2017 young driver competition.

In 2019, with the help of Richard Mille, Aurora Straus switched to using the BMW M4 GT4. The super sports car earned her the runner-up position, with two victories and many times reached the top 3 in the Pireli World Challenge. Aurora Straus said no other female driver has ever done so.

Aurora Straus considered racing to be a team sport, but every driver must be fierce and show his best ability. Before she started, she used to be highly focused, creating her own space to reduce stress. Aurora Straus has met at least 50 female riders in three years of professional play. She often shares her experiences with the spirit that anyone can race.

Recently, Aurora Straus also launched a non-profit fund called “Girls with Drive” to change the awareness and create the love of girls for the capital sector for men. Car racing is a prime example, but there are also a number of other professions that women’s representation is still low.

In life, Aurora Straus, like many girls, has her own passions. Young driver fascinated by a Richard Mille watch. Aurora Straus emphasizes durability in the design of the brand from Switzerland.

From love to work, Aurora Straus joins the team of Richard Mille. She sees this as a coincidence as to how she comes to racing. The watch brand creates an atmosphere like a family, always caring and sharing her wishes.

The most beautiful female football player in the world

In this article, we will introduce you the top 5 most beautiful female football players in the world.

Milene Domingues

Milene Domingues, a former football player and model, leads the list of the most beautiful female players in the world. She is the female player who holds the record for juggling the ball (55,198 times) and is also the most expensive female player (£ 200,000). After a 4-year marriage breakdown to Brazilian striker Ronaldo, she is now remarried to Spanish soccer player David Aganzo.

During her 10-year career, she has played for SC Corinthians, ASD Fiammamonza, Atletico Madrid Féminas and other national and international recruiters. In early 2009, a beautiful female player retired due to a knee injury.

Hope Solo

Born on July 30, 1981, Hope Solo is now the goalkeeper for the USA women’s national football team. She started her international career in 2000. In 2004, Solo appeared in the US Olympic Games and was the team’s goalkeeper in 2005. She kept a few clean sheets, including a 1054-minute record to concede a 4-1 victory in the match against France in the Algarve Cup.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is an American football player from California. She is a striker and a member of the US national team. She holds the record for being the youngest player to be on the US team at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2012, the match against Mexico marked her promotion to the international level and then, she scored the first goal of this level against China.

Laisa Andrioli

Andrioli is a Brazilian female player, playing for the national team. She is a center-back and also represents clubs like Youth SC, UCS (Caxias do Sul) and International (Porto Alegre). At 1.75m tall and weighing 55kg, she won the Champion Gaucho and Gaucho Champion Selection.

Heather Mitts

Standing at number five in the list of beautiful female players is American defender Heather Mitts. She has represented the US playing more than 100 international matches. She was also a member of the US Olympic team twice won and a member of the team that reached the runner-up position in the 2006 Algarve Cup tournament. In 2001, she was voted the sexiest female player WUSA on the Playboy Online.

Besides, she also appeared on the cover of Philadelphia magazine issue in June 2002 as one of Philadelphia’s sexiest singles. In 2004, she was voted “The hottest female athlete” of ESPN.

She wanted to be a running medal hunter at the age of 85

Andrea Harrison started running at age 50 and wanted to convince others that it was never too late to start something.

At the age of 85, Harrison was still strong enough to win the 800-meter gold medal with a time of 6 minutes 0.24 seconds and a silver medal in the content of 5,000 meters with a time of 43 minutes 1 second. In September 2018, this former elementary school teacher reaped both of the above content at the Georgia State Elderly Games.

Harrison insists she is looking to win a medal at more run events, but awards and accolades are not what this runner sought.

She has also lectured at community centers and schools, focusing on the benefits of running and exercising for her physical and mental health. According to her, exercise will help eliminate the chaos and anxiety in each person.

“Thank God I’m not in pain and everything is fine. This life is a gift from God, and he must have given me the strength to keep running”, Harrison told 11alive as he looked back on his running career.

Harrison came to jogging at the age of 50, because his son was in high school then. He wanted to join the track and field team but the school did not have this activity, so Harrison and his mother chose to run around the school parking area.

A few years later, when the family moved to Atlanta, Harrison began to run along a riverside path and increase the distance. It took up to three years for a former elementary school teacher to run a mile (1.6 kilometers) continuously.

Harrison now runs 11 miles (more than 17 kilometers) per week. She eliminated the chaos and anxiety in her head by praying for her loved ones while running. She has a twin sister with a disability, 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

One son is a coach who runs the field and helps Harrison plan his training. The next two sons help mom buy running accessories and travel expenses for tournaments. There were always a few Gammy’s Groupies members waiting for Harrison at the finish line to support the 85-year-old runner.