If girls want to get rich in sports, then tennis is the most sensible option. Below are the 4 highest-earning female athletes in the world in 2020, according to a list published by Forbes magazine not long ago.


Total Earnings: $ 37.4 million

Bonus: $ 3.4 million

Sponsorship / advertising: $ 34 million

Osaka has both American and Japanese passports, but she made a smart choice when deciding to dress for her. Japan at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (will move to 2021 because of Covid-19). Thanks to that, she became much more attractive in the eyes of sponsors.

A series of major brands such as Procter & Gamble, All Nippon Airways, and Nissin have chosen her as the representative image in promotional activities related to the Olympics. Among tennis players, only Federer has a higher sponsorship/promotion income than Naomi.


Total Earnings: $ 36 million

Bonuses: $ 4 million

Sponsorship / Advertising: $ 32 million

Like Naomi, most of Serena Williams’ income comes from sponsorship/advertising deals. She is a partner of some major brands such as Nike, Gatorade, Procter & Gamble, and Beats.

Like Naomi, most of Serena Williams’ income comes from sponsorship/advertising deals

The fact that Serena has nearly 40 million fans on social networking platforms is also a factor that makes her attractive. Besides, Williams and her husband and 2-year-old daughter Olympia are now members of the group of investors that own the women’s soccer team Angel City Football Club.


Total Earnings: $ 13.1 million

Bonuses: $ 10.1 million

Sponsorship / Advertising: $ 3 million

2019 was a great year for Barty. This year, she won her first Grand Slam of her career, at the French Open. In June, she became the first Australian tennis player to rise to No. 1 on the WTA BXH in 1976.

Thanks to these successes, Barty has just earned a lot of bonuses from former sponsors like Fila, Head, has attracted more new donors. She is currently a representative of Rado, Jaguar, Vegemite, Banana Boat, and Esmi.


Total Earnings: $ 10.9 million

Bonuses: $ 6.9 million

Sponsorship / advertising: $ 4 million

Last year, Halep won her second Grand Slam career at Wimbledon and thereby boosting her bonus. received from tournaments up to 36.5 million USD. She is the fourth most awarded player in tennis history (Willams ranked first, with 93 million USD). Besides, Halep also received a large amount from global sponsors such as Nike, Wilson, Hublot, and Avon, in addition to some local sponsors in his home country Romania.