After retiring from the football field in 2015, Abby devoted all his time to campaigning and encouraging people to fight for sports equality, namely raising the voices of the female athletes.

She once said that the injustice not only stopped at the amount of money that she and her female colleagues received, but also was a huge obstacle in finding opportunities for herself.


As one of the first women to contribute weightlifting .the 1981 International Olympic Committee, Flor Isava-Fonseca worked tirelessly to uphold the power of women in the world of sports every day. Experiencing many difficulties and sexism, this female athlete excelled in the IOC Executive Committee (International Olympic Committee) in 1990.

Sharing the first time on the committee Onions, she said that almost no one would listen to her. There were 11 of them all and none of them felt like hearing her opinion. But after all, people gradually have a more sympathetic and positive view with their female colleagues and just like that, Flor step by step “turned around” for women.


In 2007, Khalida Popal became the face of women’s football in Afghanistan as the first captain of the national football team. For her, becoming an athlete is a way for herself to have the opportunity to speak up to protect the rights of women.

After many years living in her hometown with an unsafe social background, she decided to move with her family to Denmark and continue to devote herself to sports. She herself once said, in Afghanistan, women are always mistreated and are not considered human.

Football helps her realize that women can protect each other and everyone has the right to live and work in the most equal way. She wants to convey this meaningful message to all women at home so they can be brave and more confident in the face of difficulties in life.