Sporteology has just published a list of the 10 most beautiful female athletes on the planet. The names on the list make others admire their beauty and talent. This is the clearest proof of talented people’s integrity.

Here are only the 3 names in the top 10 most beautiful female athletes.

Sydney player Leroux (USA)

Sydney Leroux was born in 1990, and currently works for Western New York Flash Club as well as the US national women’s team. Sydney Leroux is particularly not only known for her great ability to score goals like a true killer on the pitch, she is also a shining rose with healthy brown skin and deadly glamor. enchanted person.

In 2013, the 27-year-old took less than 9 minutes to set up a hat-trick against Mexico, greatly contributing to the 7-0 victory for the US team. Leroux is currently in the top 10 of the highest-paid female soccer players in the world, with a salary of about $ 92,500/year.

Maria Kirilenko (Russia)

Maria Kirilenko, whose full name is Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko, was born on January 25, 1987 in Moscow, Russia. Maria Kirilenko gained a reputation very early thanks to the young tournament, especially the US Open championship for teenagers. Possessing a desirable height of 1m73 with a pretty standard 3-ring measurement, Maria Kirilenko also has a left hand job as a model.

Maria Kirilenko is always mentioned as a talented tennis player of birch land possessing a beautiful face along with extremely hot curves. Not only that, her performance on the field is not inferior either.

Blair O’Neal (USA)

Over 30 years old, Blair O’Neal has always been one of the brightest beauties on the golf course as well as on the covers of magazines and catwalks. Born and raised in Illinois, O’Neal has known golf since the age of 11. While studying at the University of Arizona, she was not only famous for studying well, she also played very talented golf with 4 times to win the best title of the school as well as won 2 golf prizes for universities across the United States.

After graduating from the University of Communications, O’Neal officially joined the professional golf village in 2004 and won 9 titles. With a pretty face, blonde hair and a sexy body, the beautiful girl with a dream height of 1.78 m soon became a familiar advertising face for many magazines, websites across the US and lots of countries in Asia. In 2008, she was listed in the list of “50 Sexiest Players of All Time” by Sports Illustrated magazine and has also been listed among the 4 sexiest female athletes.